King’s College Hospital looking for support to create world’s first vaccine against leukaemia

News Desk (15 September, 2016)

Watch the hospital's video about their research and development below

Scientists at King’s College Hospital have revealed they are working on the world’s first vaccine that could help prevent leukaemia.

Now the doctors behind the “ground breaking” plans have created a short film to explain the work they are doing, and find people willing to donate money for the cause.

The video was produced by the Lions International Blood Research Appeal (LIBRA). It features interviews with doctors and patients and goes behind the scenes to show how the vaccine is being created.

Professor Ghulam Mufti, head of the haematology at King’s, said: “The new vaccine for acute myeloid leukaemia is hugely exciting.

“It will be the first of its kind in the world and a game-changer for patients with the condition. Although we are making fantastic progress, there is much more work yet to be done. This is why fundraising is so vital.”

“Every year we treat hundreds of people with a range of blood cancers. To give every patient the very best chance of recovery we provide specialist treatments including chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants and blood-stem-cell transplants.”

Trevor Jones, who is being treated for acute myeloid leukaemia at King’s, and features in the video, said taking part was a “great experience” and “hoped” the video would raise the profile of LIBRA.


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