Kingston Estate plans demonstration to save veg patch and play area from infilling plans

Katherine Johnston (18 August, 2021)

The protest will take place on Thursday, August 19

47224Kingston Estate campaigners

Kingston Estate is one of the latest to join the chorus against infill developments.

Eight new homes are slated for the Walworth housing estate in Dawes Street, all for social rent, with planning permission due to be submitted this autumn and construction work starting no earlier than late 2022.

The council’s website and documents say the homes would be built on a site which currently has ‘a small garage block’. Images show the existing block is in an area within a larger courtyard and green space including a play area.

A group of residents campaigning under the ‘Save Kingston Estate’ banner have now publicly joined the anti-infill movement sweeping the borough, saying the new housing would take over children’s play space and a vegetable patch.

At the time of going to press, they were due to hold a demonstration at the estate today from 7pm (Thursday, August 19), on the corner of East Street and Dawes Street.

In a tweet promoting the demonstration, the campaigners said: “Southwark Council think a building hammered in our little piece of green where our children play and we grow our veg is more important than our wellbeing. Thanks, but no. We need trees, sun and space.”


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