Landlord of Gowlett pub in Peckham considers appealing against noise abatement order

News Desk (27 April, 2017)

“I’m lucky we have very loyal customers. But to me I can’t see it being a sustainable alternative, running my business basically in silence,” landlord said

16606The Gowlett pub in Peckham


The manager of The Gowlett pub in Peckham will appeal a noise abatement order issued by Southwark Council, which he fears could make his business “unsustainable”.

A noise complaint was made by a neighbour on the evening of Easter Sunday, and council officers attended the pub. The order was then served on April 18.

Pub manager Jonny Henfrey, told the News: “Yes we are appealing the order, and exploring all legal options available to us.

“The order is very heavy-handed and far reaching.

“Music is not allowed to be audible from anywhere outside of the premises, and it cannot be permitted for guests to be audible outside the pub’s doors.

“We have had to cancel all of our events, including when we’re just playing records. We are now powerless to put on the events which we’ve become so popular for.”

Jonny added that he has run the pub without complaint since he took it over in 2003, and has hosted evening events ever Easter Sunday and New Year’s Day.

“I was given no chance to make any representation to the council. And there was no credit given to the good record we have had here all this time,” he said.

“I worry about what will happen for the next month. It’s no secret it’s hard enough trying to be in this business at the moment. You pay your taxes and you pay your business rates.

“I’m lucky we have very loyal customers. But to me I can’t see it being a sustainable alternative, running my business basically in silence.”

Cllr Barrie Hargrove, Southwark’s cabinet Member for communities and safety, said: “Southwark is hugely proud of its local pubs, and values the role they play as community hubs and local employers. The Gowlett is no exception and we know what a popular local venue it is.

“We have no intention of threatening its place in the local area, but we do need to ensure that pubs and residents are able to live happily side by side. The council has a statutory duty to investigate all complaints about nuisance. We recently investigated a complaint in relation to the Gowlett and judging the level to be unreasonable, our officer requested that the noise be reduced. However, rather than reducing, the noise had increased by later in the evening, and we therefore issued a noise abatement notice.

“There is no need for this to go any further, and if the pub now maintains a reasonable level of noise, as it has done previously, the matter will be resolved.”


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