Laughs live online with Robin Ince and Josie Long

Staff Reporter (20 March, 2020)

By Michael Holland

35593Photo by: Natalie Shaw and the Cosmic Shambles Network

In a world where live performance has all but disappeared for the moment, Robin Ince and those clever people at The Cosmic Shambles Network have come up with an ingenious plan to banish our housebound boredom and keep us all entertained.

Theyve been in touch with some of our best-loved performers and household name scientists and they are very pleased to announce that from Monday 23rd March (previews from 19th March) you will be able to go online to watch your favourite entertainers live via the internet.

Each show will be free to watch but with a pay-what-you-can option with any profits going to help performers and venues that are in the most need in these difficult times.

Robin Ince says: “It is stating the obvious to say that strange days have got a hell of a lot stranger with many people facing confusion and anxiety. Artists have nowhere to play and audiences have nowhere to go to be distracted. Trent Burton, the producer at Cosmic Shambles Network, is a bit of a technical whizz so he has managed to work out a way that we can do shows from our home and people can watch them in theirs as they wipe their brows in their toilet paper castles.”

“Every day, sometimes twice per day, Josie Long and Robin Ince will host shows mixing the best of what would have been at the Melbourne Comedy festival as well as the best comedians, writers, scientists and artists around. We’ll be mixing music, poetry, science, comedy and conversation with Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, Stephen Merchant, Ian Rankin, Bec Hill, Mark Gatiss, Katy Brand, Brian Cox (the professor one), Angela Barnes, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Alex Horne, Andy Zaltzman, Lucy Porter, Russell Kane, Ed Byrne, Jo Brand, Stewart Lee, Tanita Tikaram, Sara Pascoe and Natalie Haynes plus cooking demos from George Egg and lots more to be announced.”

Launches on Thursday 26th March from 10am: Sara Pascoe and Natalie Haynes

6 pm: Chris Hadfield with JB Morrison

The list of events and guests will be updated regularly at


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