Let your whippersnapper feel the magic with pixie dust, a fairy potion and dragon wings at Dulwich Park

Staff Reporter (07 August, 2019)

Whippersnappers's Fairyland is an immersive theatre event for boys and girls aged between 3 - 7.

31177Children gain an immersive experience at Whippersnapper's Fairyland.

Whippersnappers, a not-for-profit organisation, has been bringing their pixie dust to Dulwhich Park and there are only two dates left to see their show Fiaryland, writes Hillary Chaisson…. 

This immersive theatre experience is a part of a summer fundraiser that aims to support activities for children and adults with disabilities to take part in Dulwhich Park.

Fairyland invites children to explore the Wyld Woods, pixie encampments, the Sweet Tooth Fairy’s kitchen; alongside providing oppurtunities for glittery face paints and magical storytelling based off an Irish fairy-tale.

Fairyland’s adventures are interactive allowing children to take part in a series of places to explore, and they will even get to go home with their very own fairy or dragon wings.

Upon arrival, guests will be greet with a glass of ‘Fairy Potion’ and they are then asked to visit the Wing Boutique for each child to choose their fairy or dragon wings.

Further Information:

  • Tickets cost £14.50 for Children| £12.50 for Sibling| and £7.50 for Adults
  • The event will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Intereactive workshops will be led in small groups
  • Drinks (for both adults and children), Dragon or Fairy wings, Magic Willow Wand, and handmade chocolate treats from the Sweet Tooth Fairy is all included in the price.

Dates and Times

Thursday 8th| Saturday 10th|

Times 10am| 11:45am| 2:30pm|

Location: Whippersnappers College Lodge, Old College Gate, Dulwhich Park, College Road, London SE21 1BQ

To book tickets visit: https://hoop.co.uk/whippersnapperscic/XrJJ1z-fairyland-mythical-creatures-immersive-theatre/ 


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