Lewisham Council’s Cabinet to be grilled by scrutiny panel over approval of Millwall CPO

News Desk (20 September, 2016)

The controversial decision to pursue a CPO of the land around the Den includes the car park and cafe

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Lewisham Council’s cabinet will have to justify their decision to approve the Millwall Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) tonight in front of the Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel.

The controversial decision to pursue a CPO of the land around the Den, which includes the car park and cafe, was made two weeks ago and was met with “disappointment” from fans.

Now the cabinet members, who approved the plans by six votes to one with one abstention, will be grilled over what their justification for doing so was.

The CPO is part of a plan to sell pockets of land Millwall uses to developers Renewal, so they can build up to 2,400 homes and a new overground station.

Millwall have opposed the plans over concerns about Renewal’s long-term plans for the land.

The CPO was approved despite a petition being signed by more than 26,000 fans being delivered to the cabinet, letters from two Labour MPs, and even a motion opposing it from the Lewisham Labour Group.

The CPO is now being pursued by the council, which will involve it going to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for ultimate approval.




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