Lewisham man jailed for sharing child abuse videos online

Katherine Johnston (12 May, 2021)

Police found more than 11,000 horrific images on devices in his home

44445Jailed: Angenent

A man from Lewisham who shared a video on a chatroom of a 12-year-old boy being raped has been jailed for two years and six months. 

Marnix Angenent, 47, from Lewisham, was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on April 22. 

He was also handed a fifteen-year sexual harm prevention order and will be on the sex offender register for life.

In March 2021 at the same court he admitted three counts of making indecent images of children, possessing prohibited and extreme images, and encouraging the commission of an either way offence.

Police first arrested Angenent was arrested in November 2018  after National Crime Agency investigators linked him to a series of online chat rooms and platforms where child sexual abuse material was being shared.

The court heard that he had been involved in the chatrooms since August 2017 where he used the moniker ‘play with boy’. 

A search of his home led to police finding a laptop, a USB stick and hard drive which contained over 11,000 indecent images and videos of children – ranging from the most serious, Category A, to to Category C.

He was rearrested in September 2019, he admitted that he was the person behind that username.

Graham Ellis, National Crime Agency Operations Manager, said: “Angenent had a long history of viewing child abuse on online platforms, while also encouraging others to share horrific material.

“So dedicated was he to accessing this material that following his arrest, he moved to the dark web in an attempt to view it anonymously.

“Sexual predators operating on the dark cannot do so with impunity. As we have shown time and time again, we do have the capabilities to track them down.

“Protecting and safeguarding victims of child abuse remains one of our top priorities, and together with our partners, we are committed to pursuing the highest harm offenders.”

Child protection charity The Lucy Faithfull Foundation runs the Stop It Now! helpline, which offers confidential advice to anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s behaviours towards children.

Advice for children and parents about online safety can be found at the NCA’s Thinkuknow website.

Jan thornton says:

And this is a deterrent ? Just over two years for sharing images of a little boy being raped? 11,000 images of children being abused means 11,000 children being hurt. Their lives will be ruined by what they have endured . Adults performing horrible sexual acts on them.
Our police catch them which is difficult enough as it stands, but then Courts it seems lack the powers to sentence them properly.
I don’t know what it takes to change the laws so sick paedophiles get properly sentenced, what statutes be altered. But for God sake let it happen soon.

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