Lib Dems demand Extraordinary Meeting to discuss ‘ongoing crisis’ over Ledbury Estate homes

News Desk (24 August, 2017)

Lib Dems say "opportunity is needed to hold council to account". Council leader says "everything is being done" to support residents

17832The Ledbury Estate, off Old Kent Road

Southwark Liberal Democrats have demanded that the council holds an Extraordinary Meeting to discuss the “ongoing crisis” on the Ledbury Estate.

Four thirteen-storey tower blocks have had gas supplies turned off, and residents were told they will all but certainly have to move when intense refurbishment works are carried out.

Leader of Southwark Lib Dems, councillor Anood Al-Samerai, said: “Residents on the Ledbury Estate have informed us that they are dissatisfied with the council’s response to the ongoing crisis surrounding their homes and we are now seeking the opportunity to hold the council to account.

“With no council assembly meeting due until late November, we are concerned that there may not be the opportunity to discuss the serious situation that many residents find themselves in, we have therefore called for this Extraordinary Meeting. We await the Mayor’s response.”

Southwark Council leader Peter John said: “We have done, and will continue doing everything we can to support residents through a difficult and disruptive time. A decision on whether or not to call an Extraordinary Council Assembly is one for the Mayor and the Council’s Monitoring Officer. Our priority remains the residents of the Ledbury Estate, and not party politics.”


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