Link Age Southwark puts a third more OAPs in touch with volunteers during the lockdown

Katherine Johnston (05 May, 2020)

The befriending service helps combat loneliness and isolation among older people


Link Age Southwark, a charity that befriends volunteers with older people in the borough, has helped a third more senior citizens since the lockdown began. 

Although it has had to change the way it works due to the pandemic and risk to OAPs and clinically residents, the organisation – which has helped older people at risk of loneliness and isolation for 27 years – is now busier then ever. 

One lady, Mary, who was recently put in touch with a new friend, contacted the team to tell them what a difference her phone calls had made during the lockdown.  

Describing her new pal as “absolutely wonderful”, Mary said: “She is 26 and I am 95 and it is as if there is no age difference in our interests. We have planned to meet in Lordship Lane when all this is over.” 

 The charity now has more than 450 volunteers supporting 650 older people with regular phone  calls and online meet-ups. 

Link Age Southwark’s director, Sophie Wellings said: “As a trusted local charity, we are proud and happy to be able to respond to the need in the local community. 

“We are fantastically supported by the local community who have once again come forward to volunteer for which we are extremely grateful. 

“The charity is facing challenges financially due to having to cancel all of our community fundraising events but we are adapting and switching to virtual fundraisers including a pub quiz and online auction.”

 The online auction is now open for bids until 7:30pm on Sunday 17 May.  

Prizes include a three night break in a private holiday home on the north Norfolk Coast, an Indian food cooking class and a Thank You NHS LED neon sign. 

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