Little Aimee’s dream trip comes true as she gets Peppa Pig World treat

News Desk (07 September, 2017)

Bermondsey man Phil Burkett organised visit after reading about youngster, who is in remission from cancer


A four-year-old girl recovering from cancer had her dream come true when she was given a free trip to Peppa Pig World.

Aimee Kemsley from Peckham is still in remission after a course of chemo and radiotherapy to treat Rhabdomyosarcoma, with which she was diagnosed as a baby.

The News reported in December that poorly Aimee’s family were fundraising with the Dreams Come True charity, to help them and eleven other families go on trips to Peppa Pig World.

Aimee’s wishes were answered when Bermondsey man Phil Burkett read the story and offered to sort out the trip for Aimee and her mum, dad, brothers and sisters.

After their trip on Monday, dad Paul Kemsley told the News: “We told her she was finally going to Peppa Pig World, and she was so excited.

“She had a really fantastic time, she really enjoyed it.

“The park organised for her to have an hour of one-to-one time just with Peppa Pig and George. She just kept walking up to them and giving them cuddles.

“We went on all the rides and took loads of photos,” the 44-year-old said.

A free night at the park’s hotel in Southampton was also arranged for the family, which includes Paul, mum Jackie, and her brothers and sisters: Liam, Rebecca, Hayley and Ryan. Aimee’s next hospital visit will be on Friday, where Paul said she still needs x-ray and ultrasound procedures, to check that her cancer is still being kept at bay.

“She’s a strong little thing and doing really, really well,” said Paul, who also coaches for Peckham Town FC.

“She’s here and that’s the main thing.”

“The tour guide who took us round the park wished us all the best and they were really glad they could help.

“I want to say a big thanks to everyone who did their bit to help get us all there, and who made Aimee’s dream come true.”


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