Local author helps writers get published

Kevin Quinn (02 August, 2018)

The world of publishing has changed, but there’s nothing to stop you from changing with it and becoming a successful novelist, historian or biographer


A bestselling author from Walworth has set up a business that helps writers publish and promote their own works.

The 42-year-old Richard Foreman has written numerous historical novels, including Band of Brothers: The Complete Campaigns, Raffles: The Complete Innings and Spies of Rome: Blood & Honour.

He set up the new venture Author Enterprises, after many years working in the publishing industry and told the News: “One of my motivations when founding Author Enterprises was to help give voice to debut authors and works that mainstream publishers ordinarily turn down.

“By turning authors into independent publishers, writers can earn money from their works, by releasing books on kindle and as print on demand paperbacks.

“We can set authors up on the Amazon system, arrange cover design, format books and provide marketing advice and contacts – all for a flat fee of £600. Would-be writers can become published writers.

“Crucially our clients retain all their royalties and rights. Author Enterprises is a solution for those people who do not want to sign-up to expensive self-publishing companies and lose the rights to their books.”

A former St Michael’s pupil in Bermondsey, Richard said he has included the area in his own books.

“I usually write historical fiction, set in ancient Rome, but I’ve also written books set in London – and I’ve kept things local by mentioning Manze’s and my local pub, The Huntsman & Hounds,” he said.

“I would also say that a south-east London sense of humour has also influenced my books. Although I may just be joking about that.”

And his best advice is: “Is to write, re-write, and publish.

“Amazon pay a generous royalty of 70 per cent for ebooks. The kindle charts prove that independent authors can stand side-by-side with bestselling writers,” he said.

“If your covers, blurbs and content are up to standard then there is an audience out there for your book, whether you want to publish a new work or if you have something in the drawer.

“The world of publishing has changed, but there’s nothing to stop you from changing with it and becoming a successful novelist, historian or biographer. We’d only ask you have a completed manuscript, rather than idea or a few chapters, when you make contact. ”

You can get to touch through the website, www.authorenterprises.com or email richard@authorenterprises.com


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