Local firm backs Irish dancing runner up with £1k sponsorship

News Desk (16 June, 2016)

The funding will help her with travel costs as she goes up and down the country

10045Maisie Ryan

Rotherhithe’s Irish dancing star came second in the under ten CLRG European Championships 2016 in Spain on May 29, leading to a £1,000 sponsorship from a Bermondsey business.

Ten-year-old Maisie Ryan’s success builds on a first place win in the O’Mordha under-ten’s Open Championship in Manchester on April 16.

The dancer from Dulwich’s Deborah Whelan Dance School has attracted local support as Bermondsey Street business Tabs Creative has decided to support her. She is also sponsored by the Southwark News.

Tim Bill, 65, founder of the successful print management company, said: “It’s a good cause and it should help Maisie buy uniforms and pay for travel so she can continue to participate in the sport.

“We purchase print in all forms for clients who don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves. We’ve stayed small for quality and have always been in the area.”

Tabs Creative have been in the heart of the borough for nearly 26 years, having an office in Tooley Street before moving to Bermondsey Street, and are said to be the oldest print management company in London.

Maisie’s mum, Katie Boyd, said: “I’m so proud of everything Maisie has achieved with her dancing and it’s really great she’s getting support from a local business. Tabs Creative’s sponsorship will help her buy the things she needs and travel to the places she needs to go to, to make sure she can maintain her winning momentum.”



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