Local resident opens café on Camberwell Road

News Desk (30 August, 2018)

Nico Palumbo has transformed a disused space into an "oasis of greenery"

24738Nico Palumbo

A Camberwell resident has turned a previously empty space into a new café, writes Jessie Kolvin.

Nico Palumbo had an eye on the site for a year before he decided to fill what he perceived to be a gap in the market by turning it into a coffee shop.

The enclosed glass terrace sits above the Pasha Hotel, near Burgess Park, and looks over the Camberwell Road.

A keen gardener, Mr. Palumbo has restyled it as the Greenhouse Café, bringing a patch of greenery to the hotel’s first floor.

The café serves Italian-style coffee, light meals, and pastries and muffins baked on the premises.

Mr. Palumbo says his ethos is to focus “on quality attentive service and collaboration with local business.

“Having grown up in Naples, I have a passion for quality ingredients sourced locally and prepared on the premises.

“My hope is to create a peaceful hub where local residents and hotel guests can relax and unwind in comfort.”


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