London Bridge: First contactless donation points for homelessness charities unveiled at station

Josh Salisbury (24 May, 2019)

When tapped, £3 is distributed between London's homelessness charities

1606London Bridge station

A contactless donation point to homelessness charities has been unveiled at London Bridge station.

When tapped, three pounds is donated to a range of homelessness charities. The station is the first rail station the country to get one of the contactless donation points.

The move is a joint venture between TAP London, a non-profit which supports 22 homelessness charities, including Shelter, and Network Rail.

Polly Gilbert, who is the co-founder of TAP London, said that the collaboration would give the public an easy and effective way to help tackle homelessness.

“Through this collaboration, we will continue to support the work of brilliant charities here in London, and give the public an easy and effective way to give to the homeless they see around them,” she said.

Ian Hanson, who is the stations director at Network Rail South East, added: “We are delighted to partner with TAP London to install the first contactless donation point in a UK railway station.

“Everyone should have a place to live but thousands of people still sleep rough on the streets of London every year. Passengers can now make a real difference to the lives of those who are homeless when travelling through London Bridge station.”

There are 91 contactless donation points across the capital, but London Bridge is the first railway station to have one.


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