London Bridge: TfL served notice over fire safety breaches at station

Josh Salisbury (29 May, 2019)

TfL said that safety was its key priority and that it had taken immediate steps to address the fire safety breaches

1606London Bridge station

Transport for London has been officially rapped for series of fire safety breaches at London Bridge station.

The London Fire Brigade has served an enforcement notice on a TfL subsidiary for eight breaches of fire safety law, including failures to provide a suitable fire warning system, to maintain emergency evacuation routes and failing to review the fire risk assessment at the station.

The notice was served on April 10, but only recently made public.

TfL has until June 5 to comply with the recommendations that the fire service has set out.

A TfL spokesperson said: “Safety is always our top priority, and we work closely with London Fire Brigade to ensure that our stations are safe for our customers and staff.

“We have met with them to discuss the issues that they identified and have taken immediate steps to address all of them.”

An internal investigation has also been launched to understand how the fire safety systems failed.

Fire safety on the Tube was strengthened in the aftermath of a fire at King’s Cross tube station in November 1987, which killed 31 people.


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