Chris Mullany (26 March, 2020)

"All we are hearing is about the problems – an ambulance driver told me today they are overwhelmed. We could be part of the solution" says a chairman of the London Black Taxi trade

35715 LCDC Chairman Grant Davis, pictured with PM Boris Johnson.

A Bermondsey-based trade organisation, representing London’s Black Cabs, has called on the Government and Mayor of London to use their 19,000 cabbies, ‘to help the city we love’.

Grant Davis is Chairman of the London Cab Drivers’ Club, which has championed the trade in its calls for proper licensing and scrutiny of passenger vehicle apps. Based in Bermondsey’s Biscuit Factory, the organisation publishes the Badge newspaper for London’s iconic cab service.

Talking to the News this week, Mr. Davis called on London’s Mayor and PM Boris Johnson to utilise the nearly 20,000 vehicles that are effectively grounded due to the lockdown. ‘Nobody is going out, quite rightly, so we are all sitting at home’ he said.

‘We have often been called the fourth emergency service in the capital. London is in a pickle, and we want to play our part. We’re not talking about charging people on the meter – just something to cover our diesel if needs be, although many of us are offering free rides to NHS workers.

Black Cab offering free rides to NHS workers

‘Our vehicles are perfect for transporting loved ones to and from hospital, for health workers and patients, for delivering essential pharmaceuticals. We’ve all been sterilising our cabs, and we have disabled ramps, steps, hearing loops – and of course a partition, which makes it safer for people worried about being in a vehicle with a driver. You can also pay by card in the back, so there’s no contact with the cab driver.

‘All we are hearing is about the problems – an ambulance driver told me today they are overwhelmed. We could be part of the solution.

‘London wouldn’t be London without its cabs – and us cabbies all love this city. This isn’t about us making money. Our message to Sadiq Khan and Boris Johnson is – how can we help?’


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