London Marathon 2019: Runner with two lung conditions is fundraising for Asthma UK

Staff Reporter (17 April, 2019)

“I know that eventually my lungs will slowly fill up and restrict my breathing'

29095Renee-Marie Young

A woman suffering from both asthma and emphysema is running the Marathon this year to fundraise for Asthma UK, writes Josh Mellor…

Forty-eight-year-old Renee-Marie Young, who works in Southwark as a learning and development manager for the National Landlords Association, was diagnosed with chronic lung condition emphysema in 2016 after suffering from asthma since she was eighteen.

Renee-Marie said: “I know that eventually my lungs will slowly fill up and restrict my breathing, so later in my life I will need the support and help of these wonderful charities and intensive medical assistance.

“I wish to raise money for those less fortunate than I and to keep running to keep breathing for as long as I am able.”

Since her diagnosis she has completed six marathons around the UK as well as a 31-mile ultra-marathon.


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