LSBU to give more support to staff going through the menopause

Katherine Johnston (20 March, 2021)

Flexible working, education, and more support for staff

17315London South Bank University

London South Bank University is putting in place what it described as an ‘ambitious’ new policy to support staff going through the menopause.

Few companies offer tailored support to women experiencing the menopause and its range of symptoms. 

The menopause can have a detrimental effect on women at work, with one survey reporting that one in four have considered leaving their role because they were struggling with issues including hot flushes, ‘brain fog’, tiredness, and other side effects.

Research from the Menopause Hub has also found that around a third of menopausal women have seen their symptoms worsen during the pandemic. 

LSBU’s new menopause policy aims to enable employees to continue being effective in their jobs and to raise wider awareness and understanding among all staff about the menopause.   

Affected staff will have an individual plan to support them, and managers will also be offered guidance to help their colleagues including specific training on women’s health issues. 

In wider awareness raising, all staff will learn more about the menopause in an effort to create a more supportive workplace culture.

Marcelle Moncrieffe-Johnson, LSBU Group Chief People Officer, said: Our new menopause policy will ensure the individual needs of all LSBU staff who experience the menopause are met. 

“We will provide information and training to all LSBU staff and will support employees who experience the menopause with a range of adjustments to their working conditions including flexible working.   

“The new menopause policy demonstrates LSBU’s strong commitment to strengthen our culture of respect, dignity and fairness so all employees receive the support they need for their health and wellbeing.” 


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