Luna can be destructive when left alone but needs a home

Kevin Quinn (07 September, 2018)

This mongrel bitch is a bundle of energy, but has a sweet nature and is eager to please


Twelve-month-old Luna, who can be destructive when left alone –  even for a short time, is desperate for a family.

This mongrel bitch is a bundle of energy, but has a sweet nature and is eager to please.

Battersea Dog Home have put out an appeal in the hope that a someone will come forward and be up for training Luna.

The appeal reads; “Luna is a young dog who has bundles of energy and will need new owners that can keep up with her and help burn off her energy reserves.

“Luna will need owners that can commit to ongoing training as she has little in the way of life skills.

“She has a sweet nature and is eager to please, having responded really well to any training our staff have offered her so far.

“She is highly motivated for food and this can help make training fun and rewarding.

“In her previous home Luna had some separation anxiety and could be destructive when left, even for short periods of time.

“New owners must be prepared to work on this and understand that this could take a while so initially Luna will need to be with a family where someone is at home all day.

“If you would like to learn more about our beautiful Luna please contact our re-homing team today.”

To meet Luna, please contact Battersea’s London centre on 0843 509 4444 and quote reference 365208


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