Luxury flats in Peckham on hold as objectors crash council’s website

Admin (26 November, 2015)

Thousands oppose plans to build homes near Bussey Building

1930Mickey Smith, who saved the Bussey Building, is opposing the controversial plans

Thousands of objectors have succeeded in putting a planning application for luxury flats in Peckham on hold, over fears the development could threaten the future of a thriving music venue.

A new scheme for eleven luxury flats to go up directly in front of the Bussey Building on Rye Lane has been ‘paused’ after Southwark Council received over 3,000 objections, crashing their planning website more than once last week.

The application from Frame Property has gone back to the drawing board while developers talk to business owners in the Bussey Building and Copeland Park, who say they would lose trade as the proposed build would make entering and leaving their premises impossible for customers.

The founder of the CLF Art Café and the man who rescued the Bussey Building, Mickey Smith, said the idea of putting flats in that location was “fundamentally wrong” and is determined to continue to fight the plans.

“If they get residential in here, we’ll close down. It’ll be goodbye Bussey and we won’t have that,” he told the News.

More than thirteen thousand people have also signed an online petition objecting to the plans.

There is no fixed date as yet for when a revised application might be submitted to the council.

To find out more about the proposal visit or to sign the petition visit


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