Lyndhurst primary school pupils go ape with post-SATS surprise

Staff Reporter (16 July, 2019)

Pupils' reaction 'priceless'


Year six students from Camberwell climbed tree-tops, walked through wobbly crossings , and flew down a zip-wire at Go Ape for free, as a special treat after finishing their SATs, writes Hillary Chaisson…

The freebie came about after a chance meeting last year at the School Travel Awards. Both Lyndhurst Primary School and Go Ape were finalists.

Lyndhurst Primary School was in the ‘My Best School Trip’ category, while Go Ape was in the Best Adventure Experience category.

At the event, Miss Savvides, a teacher from Lyndhurst Primary found herself on the same table as Sharron Scott, director of sales and commercial partnerships at Go Ape.

Ms Scott explains: “I was so impressed with the achievements of Lyndhurst Primary School – they had raised the funds themselves to take pupils from Year four up to York for the day, a huge feat for them.

“When the winner was announced, and it wasn’t Lyndhurst Primary, I felt the school’s huge disappointment keenly and decided to do something about it.”

Much to Lyndhurst’s year six’s pupils surprise, Go Ape’s team decided to host them for free and their reaction was “priceless” says Miss Savvides: “The year 6 had just taken their SATs and I didn’t tell them about the trip until they’d finished their papers.”

But the trip was about more than just having fun, with Ms Scott explaining: “We see the benefit of school trips at Go Ape day in, day out.

“Children can come to us feeling quite nervous about taking to our course in the trees, but the transformation in their confidence by the end of the day is magical to watch.

“I’m so glad we were able to give that experience to the children of Lyndhurst Primary School, they absolutely deserved it.”


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