Man arrested and hero police officers hurt after Bermondsey arson attack

News Desk (25 November, 2015)

A number of residents had been trapped in their flats during the Grange Road blaze.

4504The cause of the fire is now under investigation

Police officers rescued ten residents from a block of flats in Bermondsey after an apparent arson attack early this morning.

Police were called at around 2am to reporters of a dispute at a residential block in Grange Road, where they found two cars on fire in a rear garage and another blaze in the communal hallway.

Officers forced entry to the flats, where they led a number of terrifed residents, including one who had been trapped in his room with the fire outside his door, to safety.

The officers used fire extinguishers until the fire brigade arrived at around 2.40am.

A 40-year-old man assaulted one of the officers, who suffered minor injuries, during the rescue. Another two police officers suffered from smoke inhalation.

The man was arrested on suspicion of arson, assault on police and possession of class B drugs. He remains in custody at a south London police station at this time.

Chief Superintendent Zander Gibson, Commander of Southwark Borough, said:”These officers put the safety and wellbeing of the trapped and frightened residents before their own and were remarkable in their bravery and professionalism. I have no doubt that without their brave actions; this incident could have resulted in tragedy.

“Police officers come in to work every day not knowing what challenges they will face, and often play down these selfless acts of bravery. I am incredibly proud of them.”


Gordy says:

Pigs should have been roasted

leanne eastwood says:

And here’s prime example of what’s wrong with Bermondsey. People like you!! I’m sure if you was one of the trapped residents who they helped rescue you wouldn’t be making such childish comments. Engage your brain before moving your fingers. Idiot!

Chip Douglas says:

who cares, its just cops.

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