Camberwell police collision: Driver arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after five officers injured

Josh Salisbury (21 October, 2020)

A police officer is still in hospital with potentially life changing injuries

39763Image of the scene on Tuesday

A driver has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a collision with a police car in Camberwell yesterday afternoon, which left four officers hospitalised.

The horror scene took place at around 1.30pm Tuesday afternoon around the Elmington estate, near Brisbane Street. One officer had to be cut out of their car by the Fire Brigade.

Witnesses have told the News that two police cars were chasing another car at speed, before colliding. The officer driving a CID car remains in hospital with potentially life-changing injuries.

Another officer still remains in hospital but in a less serious condition.

Two of the other officers in the car have since been discharged with minor injuries. An officer also sustained minor injuries in the arrest of the driver, who was also taken to hospital for injuries.

In total five officers were injured, alongside the driver of the car.

Police have confirmed a witness account given to the News that another man in the car police collided with is believed to have fled the scene.

“Enquiries to locate him are ongoing,” said the Met. 

“They’ve all been taken to King’s College Hospital,” said an eyewitness yesterday, who didn’t want to be named. “One of them was in a critical condition, I think three of them had to be cut out.

“I saw them pumping her chest. It’s shocking, it was unbelievable, it was on a residential estate and it was on a bend.

“There was a car chase and the police clipped the other car involved.”

The witness said that one of the men being chased went into an ambulance in handcuffs, after being arrested while the other got away.  

Another witness, Hayley, says she saw the immediate aftermath of what happened. “There was a police chase outside my house and the CID car got the full impact,” she said. 

“The car they were chasing didn’t have hardly any damage.” She added: “Never seen so many police, ambulance, fire fighters in my life.” 

Police are now appealing for witnesses to help them investigate the circumstances of the collision. Those with information are being asked to call 101 referencing CAD 3656/20 Oct.


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