Man pulls out ‘twelve-inch machete’ during a row at Bermondsey Market Square

Josh Salisbury (28 September, 2018)

Police said they could find no trace of the two men

25227Police: stock

A man wielding a twelve-inch machete threatened a teenager during a row in Bermondsey this afternoon, witnesses told the News.

The two, one thought to be fourteen and the other about twenty, were having a stand-off around 1:30 pm at the Blue Market Square, just off Southwark Park Road.

Shoppers said that the teenager picked up a chair and threw it at the older man, hitting a parked car in the square.

The older man then allegedly pulled out a twelve inch machete in broad daylight to threaten the teenager with, chasing him around the parked car.

The teenager managed to get on his bike and cycled away.

The man ‘wielding the machete’ is said to have put the weapon away and walked off  in the direction of the Lucey Way estate,  before officers could arrive on the scene.

Police were later called, but could not find any trace of them.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Officers were called to the scene following reports of an altercation between two individuals but there were no trace of them on arrival.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.


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