Man ‘slashed with machete’ outside Canada Water Sainsbury’s in ‘suspected homophobic attack’

Josh Salisbury (23 July, 2019)

"At this time police believe there may be a homophobic motive for the attack"


A man was reportedly slashed in the leg with a machete outside Sainsbury’s by Canada Water station this afternoon (July 23) in a suspected homopobic attack.

Police are currently on the scene of the attack on Surrey Quays Road and a crime scene is in place.

The authorities were called to reports of a machete attack shortly at around 3.15pm, and found a man suffering from a wound to his leg.

He was rushed to hospital by paramedics and as yet there is no update on his condition.

The suspected attacker is believed to have left the scene by motorbike, said police.

“At this time police believe there may be a homophobic motive for the attack”, a Scotland Yard spokeswoman told the News.

No arrests have been made and police enquiries are continuing.

This article may be updated with more details as we have them.

Les Reed says:

Yet another display of feral behaviour.
When these people get caught, the “punishments” are derisory!
This sort of behaviour has NO justification – and a minimum of 5 years inside should be given for any incident involving a weapon.
None of this “I’s ‘ad an ‘ard life, m’lud an’ I carnt ‘elp meself”!

Veron Holness says:

A description of the attacker would be nice!!!

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