Memorial plaques to dictators Kim Jong-il and Colonel Gaddafi mysteriously appear in East Dulwich

Josh Salisbury (19 September, 2020)

One of the memorial plaques, dedicated to Colonel Gaddafi, reads: "have i told you lately that i love you?"

39051One of the plaques appears to be dedicated to Libyan despot, Colonel Gaddafi

Plaques dedicated in memory of dictators such as Kim Jong-il and Colonel Gaddafi have mysteriously appeared on benches in a Dulwich park.

The plaques on benches in Goose Green are dedicated to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il; Colonel Gaddafi of Libya; Romania’s Nicolae Ceascecu; and the Russian revolutionary Peter Kropotkin.

Each of them has a bizarre tag-line. Kim Jong-il’s plaque reads: “Kim Yong-il, 1942-2011. Always preferred George Lazenby.”

A bizarre plaque to North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il

A plaque for Colonel Gadaffi, who was killed after his capture by a militia in 2011, has the barmy caption: “have i told you lately that i love you?”

Another is for the communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, who was executed by firing squad on Christmas Day, 1989. His memorial plaque states: “1918-1989. Do ya think I’m sexy?”

A plaque to the Romanian dictator reads: “Do ya think im sexy?”

A fourth, and final, plaque dedicates itself to Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin, which has a tagline from an advert for the cleaning product, Cillit Bang. It reads: “Bang! And the dirt is gone!” 

Baffled park-goers in Goose Green did not appear to know much about the plaques when asked by a News reporter this afternoon.

The unassuming benches have plaques dedicated to dictators and revolutionaries

One woman, who had been sitting on a bench dedicated to Kropotkin, was unaware of the anarchist, and had thought he was a deceased local whose family members had donated a plaque.

Another person had stopped to take a photo of a plaque dedicated to Ceascecu, because of its bizarre tagline, but did not know who he was.

Asked why he thought the plaque was there, he said: “I don’t know, it is one of those modern art things, like a Banksy?”

Mystery surrounds the plaques – but this is not the first time plaques dedicated to despots have been spotted in a London park.

The plaques have mysteriously appeared in Goose Green, East Dulwich

In 2018, a plaque dedicated “in loving memory” of Saddam Hussein was spotted in Wanstead, east London.

Nobody ever came forward to claim responsibility for the plaque, which had sparked a backlash among some for insensitivity. 

Redbridge Council later removed it. Southwark Council has been contacted by the News for information about the plaques and whether they will be removed.

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