Met deny viral video claims of police shoot out

Katherine Johnston (29 May, 2019)

But they did find knives after a vehicle stop


Rumours of a police shoot out in Camberwell last week fuelled by viral videos on social media have been denied by Southwark’s Met.

Three videos seen by the News and shared widely across platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp showed police cars and a crowd gathering near the junction of Denmark Hill and Camberwell Church Street.

In an audio commentary, a man who said he had just disembarked from the 35 bus, claimed police had shot a suspect after being fired on from the vehicle. Another appeared to show a fight and an injured man lying on the ground, but neither could be verified – and their time, date and location were unclear.

The images led to a flurry of speculation online and numerous calls to the News but it now appears to have been a case of fake news.

The incident in question took place last Tuesday, May 21, when three men were arrested after a vehicle stop at Camberwell Station Road at around 8.45pm.

All three, who were in their late teens, were arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon after a ‘number’ of knives were found inside their stolen vehicle.

Two were later charged and the third was released under investigation. The Met was emphatic in saying no injuries were reported and no shots were fired.


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