Michael Faraday pupil makes new rainbow over Walworth to thank our carers

Katherine Johnston (18 June, 2020)

The artwork is adorning her home on Octavia Hill Estate

37370Thais and her stunning work of art (c) Peter Wells-Thorpe

A year four Michael Faraday student has created this stunning rainbow over her Walworth home’s front window.

Nine-year-old Thais Wells-Thorpe, from Octavia Hill Estate, created the piece for Thursdays’ ‘clap for carers’ after gaining permission with landlord Walworth Investment Properties and their managing agent Allsop.

It’s the first time any outside decoration has been allowed on the estate since it was built over 100 years ago.

The estate’s founder, the social reformer Octavia Hill, set up art classes for Walworth children and was known for her personal motto: ‘Beauty for All’ – making it a fitting location for such a wonderful tribute to the NHS and our social carers.

Thais and her stunning work of art (c) Peter Wells-Thorpe



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