Millwall FC ‘fully endorses’ new approach to New Bermondsey development for area surrounding The Den

Josh Salisbury (26 July, 2019)

However the club and council said it could not give further details about the specific plans for The Den until the autumn

31058Millwall's stadium, The Den

Millwall Football Club has welcomed a revised approach to the New Bermondsey development, saying it was particularly encouraged by the potential termination of a conditional land sale agreement for plots of land around The Den.

In a statement this morning, the club said it “fully endorses” recent comments made by the developer Renewal and Lewisham Council over the New Bermondsey development.

On Wednesday, Renewal announced a fresh approach to the 30-acre development, including an increase in the number of planned affordable homes, and a new ‘arrangement’ to allow Millwall to make improvements to the Den.

“Over the past year, there have been many very constructive meetings between all interested parties and their advisers, as a result of which new plans for New Bermondsey are in active and positive discussion,” said the Club’s comment posted its website this morning.

“The means to a successful development are being put in place and we are particularly encouraged by the fact that Lewisham Council and Renewal recognise that the current conditional land sale agreement which allows the Council to sell the freeholds of land leased to Millwall FC must be terminated in order for the club to progress to a planning application.

“Millwall has always been in favour of the urban regeneration project for the area around our stadium and we wish to play our part in helping to make it happen on the land that is leased by the Football Club and the Millwall Community Trust.”

Further details of what the revised plans would mean for Millwall and The Den would be shared in the autumn once they had been fully realised, the club added.

Lewisham Council said it also could not confirm any additional details on the revision of plans until the autumn as discussions were ongoing – but added talks were “positive and constructive.”

“We are now updating all councillors on these discussions and anticipated next steps,” said a council spokesperson. “In his first week as Mayor of Lewisham, Damien Egan wrote to Millwall Football Club and Renewal to bring all parties together to work out a way forward for the site.”

The development had previously been mired in controversy when Lewisham Council made moves to forcibly purchase plots of land near the Den for Renewal’s use in the development, against Millwall’s wishes.

It had raised fears that the club could be forced out of the area.

However, a more constructive atmosphere had been hailed between the club, developer and council in January this year, following six months of talks between all parties.


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