Millwall: new plans submitted for massive development by the Den

Kit Heren (24 May, 2021)

The original plans approved in 2012 would have seen Millwall evicted


Developers have submitted fresh plans for a housing development by Millwall stadium the Den that would see 3,500 new homes built in towers up to 44 storeys high.

The “New Bermondsey” proposals would involve demolishing the industrial estate behind Surrey Canal Road for 600 new flats in three 31-storey blocks. Housebuilders Renewal would then build another 2,900 homes over the next fifteen years in five phases on a 16-acre plot north and south of the road.

The new flats would stick to the 35% “affordable” requirement, between social rent, intermediate rent and shared ownership properties. Out of the other flats for private sale, a three-bed flat would go for as much as £725,000, according to planning documents.

Out of the first 600, 200 would be “affordable”. These would all be in one tower, with the private sale flats in the other two.

Millwall’s ground, The Den

Plans would also include the construction of a New Bermondsey London Overground line to service the area, as well as business space. The developer would also pay a combined £59m to Lewisham Council for community projects and infrastructure.

Renewal: ‘Revised approach to New Bermondsey scheme will allow Millwall FC to deliver enhancements to The Den’

Renewal has long planned to build in the area, but previous plans first approved in 2012 would have meant Millwall were kicked out of the Den – and so were later abandoned. These plans also only included plans for 12% affordable housing.

Lewisham Council, which is the freeholder of the Den, later came to an agreement with Renewal to build around the stadium rather than on it. Millwall FC itself has a long lease on the land.

GiancarlomanciniBermondsey says:

As Long as Millwall and the Heart of the Real* Bermondsey Community are Untouched, Removed or Evicted then go for it.

The bringing back from the brink, with Peckham and the Elephant was a master plan.

Was a lot of song and dance about Gentrification of those areas without realising whose complaining moved into those Areas in 60s and 70s And tony Blair’s 90s, Times change.

Massive investment is Needed this Side of Bermondsey.

Jellied eels Anyone?

John Davies says:

‘Out of the first 600, 200 would be “affordable”. Has anyone ever actually been told what the council mean when they say ‘affordable’. I have been asking councilors for years and years and never got one reply. Basically , affordable in Southwark and Lewisham means they are unaffordable to 99% of the current local people. They know full well the allocation will not be taken up and the properties then put back on the market at full rate and sold to offshore multi million pound companies who will rent them out at West End prices

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