Millwall to host fundraiser for upkeep of Albert McKenzie statue

News Desk (10 March, 2016)

Millwall players will be among the attendees at the charity race night on March 12.

6179The statue of Albert McKenzie in Tower Bridge Road.

A special fundraiser will be held at Millwall this weekend to help raise funds for the upkeep of the Albert McKenzie statue.

The monument to the Bermondsey war hero was erected last October after a huge fundraising drive by residents and supporters.

However, more funds are needed to clean the statue, which was unveiled in Tower Bridge Road to a crowd of hundreds.

Millwall players will be among the attendees at the charity race night, which will be held in the stadium’s executive club on March 12.

Tickets will cost £10 and include a supper of bangers and mash, while the evening’s entertainment will involve raffles, auctions and special games.

McKenzie fought valiantly during a WW1 mission in Zeebrugge Harbour in Belgium.

He came under fire as he breached walls of the heavily-guarded port, losing his machine gun in the process, carried on regardless, “pushing, kicking and kneeing every German who got in the way.”

He made it to safety and was awarded the Victoria Cross but sadly died of influenza in November just days before the end of the war.

Doors open at the executive club at 6.30pm, with the first race beginning at 7.45pm.

Tickets can be bought by visiting, calling 0844 826 2004 or at the Millwall ticket office at The Den.

War hero Albert McKenzie

War hero Albert McKenzie

john says:

How much does it cost to clean a statue? With the money they had they should have built a proper memorial to a brave young man not something that looks like a skeleton

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