Annual Miss E.B.O.N.Y. creativity and beauty contest featured two winners from South London

Admin (09 July, 2018)

The first runner-up is from Thamesmead, and the second runner-up is from Camberwell

23207Photo: Chima Luke Okafor

On June 30, the annual creativity and beauty contest Miss E.B.O.N.Y. came south of the river for the first time and was hosted in Camberwell.

The competition, which is only open to those of African descent living in the UK, is put on by the charity IrensmartConcept.

The charity is ran by Irene Eribo, and it focuses on running workshops, over topics such as beading, sewing, embroidering, and hair braiding, as a way to empower youth and teach them creative skills.

The winner, this year Oluwafunmike Abdulazeez, will be sponsored to travel to Africa and have the opportunity to do community work there and in the UK as well.

This year, there were also two winners from South London: Miss Noble and 2nd runner-up Florence Tucker from Camberwell, as well as Miss Originality and 1st runner-up Dennese Manyasi from Thamesmead.

Photo: Chima Luke Okafor


Photo: Chima Luke Okafor

The full list of winners from the 2018 competition is as follows:

Miss E.B.O.N.Y. Ambassador 2018: Queen Oluwafunmike Abdulazeez representing Nigeria

1st runner-up: Dennese Manyasi representing Kenya

2nd runner-up: Florence Tucker representing Sierra Leone

Ebony princess: Kike Ibikunle representing Nigeria

Best creativity: Yollanda Musa representing Zimbabwe & Queen Oluwafunmike Abdulazeez representing Nigeria

Miss Culture & Tourism: Faith Stephen representing Nigeria

Miss Elegant: Queen Oluwafunmike Abdulazeez representing Nigeria

Miss Bold: Victoria Larunsi representing Nigeria

Miss Originality: Dennese Manyasi representing Kenya

Miss Noble: Florence Tucker representing Sierra Leone


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