Mountview reopens after six months of lockdown

Katherine Johnston (07 September, 2020)

'We can’t wait to be back in the heart of Peckham again'


Mountview performing arts school opened its doors today after six months in lockdown. 

“It’s been a very involved process.” admits Sarah Preece, the school’s executive director and a Peckham resident.

“The safety of our students, staff and the local community is our number one priority, and we’ve been working hard to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable.” 

The added safety measures being put in place are more than just the standard social distancing and extra hand washing.

There is a new ‘Mountview app’ to help track and trace all staff and students and their health, a queuing system outside the building and one-way system indoors.

The school has also put together a ‘Safer Campus’ manual and a short ‘flight safety’ film to explain the new routine to everyone as they return.

Its teaching approach involves ‘blended learning’ – classes in half-size cohorts. 

Entry into the building will only be allowed during timetabled lessons and students will stay in their ‘bubbles’. 

“It’s been incredibly difficult being away from our home base in Peckham, but we’re so proud of how our staff and students have taken these challenging circumstances in their stride, continued to create incredible work during lockdown and worked to ensure the building is safe for students to return.

“We can’t wait to be back in the heart of Peckham again.”


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