MP asks police to investigate Piers Corbyn’s offensive ‘Holocaust’ anti-vaxxer leaflets

Josh Salisbury (03 February, 2021)

The leaflet offensively compares vaccinations to Auschwitz

36730Piers Corbyn pictured at a protest (Image: YouTube)

Piers Corbyn, the prominent anti-lockdown activist and brother of former Labour leader Jeremy, has been slammed for offensive leaflets comparing vaccines to the Holocaust.

As reported by the News in December, the leaflet offensively compares vaccines to the infamous Auschwitz death camp.

It links to a website promoting misleading or untrue claims about the safety of vaccines. The coronavirus vaccines are both safe and effective at preventing serious sickness from Covid.

Corbyn, who has admitted to helping design the leaflets, was facing a fresh backlash this week after the flyers were posted through doors in Southwark and Lambeth.

Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP, Neil Coyle, has since asked police to investigate the leaflets.

“Their views are disgusting to everyone who knows someone who has passed away. To use Auschwitz imagery is unbelievably sickening,” he told a national paper.

“I hope prosecutions follow and no one else is subject to these weird leaflets or cranks on their doorstep.”

Dave Rich, the policy lead at the Community Security Trust, an antisemitism monitoring group, previously told this paper: “His abuse of the Holocaust to promote his dangerous views about vaccines is utterly sick.”

When contacted for comment on the leaflets in December, Mr Corbyn replied: “The leaflet exposes the fascistic nature of the NewNormal and NewWorldOrder. People who appear to be saying it is somehow anti-Semitic are deranged.”


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