Murder Trial: Accused Brizzi says he was “trying to please” PC Semple in sex game

News Desk (28 October, 2016)

Stefano Brizzi, 50, of the Peabody Trust Estate in Southwark Street allegedly murdered PC Semple, 59, after organising a meeting on the gay-dating app Grindr

8718PC Gordon Semple

A Borough web designer accused of strangling PC Gordon Semple, chopping him up and trying to dissolve his body in an acid bath told jurors he was “just trying to please” his victim.

Stefano Brizzi, 50, of the Peabody Trust Estate in Southwark Street allegedly murdered PC Semple, 59, after organising a meeting on the gay-dating app Grindr.

Brizzi then tried to dispose of part of the body in a bath of acid – in a scene allegedly inspired by a scene from his favourite TV show Breaking Bad.

He described to Old Bailey jurors how PC Semple asked him to choke him while he was performing oral sex.

“He was leaning in front of me performing oral sex me and also started to almost lean himself down in an act of submission, kissing my boots and my leather chaps.

“I interpreted it as a willingness to become more submissive.

“He was calling me “daddy”, “boss” and “sir”.

“He actually looked at me and asked me “can I please be collared sir?””

When asked if there was anything non-consensual about their sexual activity, he replied: “Not at all, he was keen, he was enthusiastic.”

Brizzi said he personally didn’t like “breath control” – otherwise known as auto-erotic asphyxiation – but that he knew it was common in BDSM.

“People like to gag when they perform oral sex – I wasn’t particularly into this thing.”

“Gordon bowed in front of me, he was performing oral sex on me, he asked me to gag him, that’s when the whole breath control thing started.

“I wasn’t into this kind of thing, but I know this kind of thing is done by other people and other people attempted to do that to me and I said “please don’t do that”.

“Some people had tried to gag me but I wasn’t into it.

“I was trying to please his desires and unfortunately that’s how the whole thing has gone wrong.”

Brizzi broke down in tears as he described tying PC Semple to the bed by his wrists and ankles using cuffs and black cords.

He said: “When you are involved in a BDSM sex game it’s absolutely clear to me that even in the most extreme situation in every situation it’s clear that you are both consenting adults.

“There was no violence, there was no abuse as such, it was all acting.

“We are creating a scene, creating a scenario when you are in your fantasies.

“As the game progressed it became increasingly unfamiliar to me, he started to ask for things I have never done before – things I have always deemed as dangerous like leaving him without breath and trying to strangle him.”

He told the court PC Semple asked him to sit on his face and use his buttocks to suffocate him.

Brizzi said they had agreed on some safety phrases and a safety word to indicate when he should stop.

“He would say “please sir” to say he was absolutely enjoying it and I could carry on.

“He would say “thank you sir” when he was approaching his limits and I should start to pay a bit more attention to what I was doing.”

The word “red” was their panic word, he said, to indicate he should stop immediately.

Brizzi sobbed as he told the court “he never said red”.

The Italian previously said he had been battling his addiction to crystal meth for about two years before the killing, and had been forced to quit his job.

It is accepted he was high on the drug on the afternoon of PC Semple’s death.


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