Addresses in Peckham, Bromley and Feltham raided in cocaine drugs bust

Josh Salisbury (12 March, 2020)

The agency says the arrests are part of what it called "a nationally significant" drugs operation

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Addresses in Peckham, Bromley and Feltham have been raided as part of a massive cocaine drugs bust.

Nine people suspected of being part of an organised gang smuggling at least two tonnes of cocaine into the UK have been arrested.

Alongside the London addresses, a house in Derby was also raided early on Tuesday morning.

Alongside digital devices, cops from the National Crime Agency seized a drugs press and quantities of heroin and coke.

The six men and three women arrested include UK, Ghanaian, Iranian and Albanian nationals.

NCA deputy director of investigations, Chris Farrimond, said the arrests were part of what the agency suspected was a “nationally significant drug trafficking organisation.”

He added: “The cocaine trade brings violence and exploitation to local areas right across the UK, as well as a trail of environmental and social harm internationally.”

One suspect was produced from prison, where he is serving a sentence for unrelated matters, said the NCA.


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