New banners celebrate Herne Hill’s recovery from devastating 2013 floods

News Desk (28 May, 2015)

Businesses have bounced back and are now repaired and reopened.

2731Scenes from the flooding in Herne Hill in 2013.

Dozens of banners have been erected across Herne Hill as the area celebrates finally getting back on its feet following the devastating floods of 2013.

A burst water main left 37 local businesses severely damaged, with some owners unsure whether their shops would ever be able to recover. Many were forced to close while intensive repair works took place, with renovation costs and loss of revenue hitting hard.

Just Williams, a toy shop in Half Moon Lane, was devastated by the floods.

Just Williams, a toy shop in Half Moon Lane, was devastated by the floods.

Now, however, the shops have been repaired and reopened, with the 68 colourful banners highlighting how the area’s diverse, independent shopping scene has ‘bounced back’.

Vicky Brown, owner of toy store Just Williams in the badly-hit Half Moon Lane, said: “We lost 75% of our stock – it was a very stressful period. It has taken us a good year to get our sales back to where we were and cash flow has been a huge problem.”

“I am delighted that things are now looking up and I love the banners – they are a great way of saying ‘we’re open for business’. I’m excited to see what else we can do to regenerate the area and make Herne Hill a real shopping destination.”

A renovated Just Williams.

A renovated Just Williams.


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