New Electric Vehicle Charging Site Opens On New Kent Road

Staff Reporter (02 March, 2021)

Chargers will add 100 miles of 'fuel' in ten minutes

42688Newington Forecourt on the New Kent Road

A new electric vehicle power site has opened at the Newington forecourt on the New Kent Road, writes Simon Throssell…

Alongside the existing petrol pumps, the site now has seven electric bays installed with ultra-rapid 150kW chargers.

Chargers can add 100 miles of range in approximately ten minutes, subject to the car make and battery.

The new chargers

Newington forecourt is the very first ‘electrified’ site run by MFG, the UK’s leading independent forecourt operator.

The site is part of their strategy to encourage electric vehicle adoption and driver confidence in electricity as a fuel source.

William Bannister, CEO of MFG said: “We are delighted to be opening our first EV Power site at MFG Newington.

The location is excellent and combined with our existing fossil fuel and retail offering we believe will be a huge benefit to the local community.”

diana says:

So how much does it cost to top up an average car ? …and where is all this electricity going to come from when we barely have enough for our normal use ?

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