New funding to help estates affected by knife crime

Katherine Johnston (10 August, 2018)

Brandon Estate residents worried not enough is being done

10903John Ruskin Street

Elena Noel, Co-Chair of the Southwark Anti-Knife Crime Forum, told the News an emergency meeting had been held on the Brandon Estate last Wednesday by residents who feel angry not enough is being done to address the root causes of the recent wave of violence.

She said: “The community is in shock from these violent incidents and parents are terrified to let their children out of their homes.

“Since Rhyhiem Barton was shot, the forum members have been supporting residents on the Brandon and elsewhere and helping to find solutions to the root causes of violent crime – poverty and social disadvantage.

“Children from the estate have been taken on day trips away, such as swimming, by the Charity iiChild which has been very proactive in reassuring the community.

“A parents group to support parents on the estate will also be set up by the charity too.”

Ms Noel says she has been contact with residents about reported noise nuisance , antisocial behaviour and concerns about crime and ‘lawlessness’ on the estate.

“To help, we are setting up a new initiative to help youths on Southwark estates get into employment, training and apprenticeships, and in the last week the Home Office has announced it will be funding the charity Growing Against Violence, one of our members, in its intervention work with youths at risk of knife crime or serious violence across Southwark,” she said.

“The government’s Early Intervention Youth Fund has released £22 million in funding to projects and initiatives that help tackle violent crime.

“ If you have a project or idea and want advice or help to gain funding or support – get in touch with us by emailing:

“We will be helping to make sure funding comes to Southwark, and one important thing is to make sure the Brandon Estate Community Hall is able to hold a range of events and support sessions for young people.

“We want to support and inspire residents to turn their creative ideas into projects and initiatives that prevent and reduce crime.”

Elena Noel, centre right, with speakers from the recent Southwark Knife Crime summit


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