New internships for young disabled adults

Charles Harrison (30 September, 2021)

The internships aim to help young disabled people get into the workplace where they are often underrepresented

48411The interns ready to start at the Princess Royal University Hospital

Two young men with learning disabilities will be starting an internship with a local hospital as part of a new scheme to help disabled people enter the workplace.

Terrell Kakou-Bruce and Jamie Anderson, from Streatham, are among fifteen interns beginning the first of three placements with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust this month.

They will be based across King’s College Hospital and the Princess Royal University Hospital as part of an internship programme to support young people who are autistic and have learning disabilities.

Jamie, 18, was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability at the age of 10. He said that while understanding new information can be a challenge, having lengthy sentences broken down and read out slowly can help.

“I can’t wait to update my CV with all the skills and experience that this internship will bring,” he said. “Sadly, not everyone has the same chance to get into work but I hope that more internships are available to people living with a disability.”

Terrell, 23, who is autistic and visually impaired, said: “Living with a disability means that I often need information to be explained in simple terms – no long words.

“I hope that my confidence grows and that I’ll feel more comfortable to approach people and start a conversation.”

Interns at King’s College Hospital with CEO Dr Clive Kay

Studies by NHS Digital show that only 6% of adults with a known learning disability in England are in paid work.

The programme, which has been put together in partnership with colleges across Lambeth and Bromley and their local councils, and charity DFN Project SEARCH, will give Jamie and Terrell the opportunity to complete tasks that contribute to the successful running of the hospital, including sterilising medical equipment and providing administrative support.


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