New lakeside cafe opens in Southwark Park

Josh Salisbury (17 January, 2020)

The dog-friendly café is open 9am to 4.30am during winter

34265Image: Bell Phillips

A much-awaited new café has opened in Southwark Park.

The Pavillion café, opened to the public earlier this month, is housed in a new building by the park’s lake.

The dog-friendly café is open 9am to 4.30am during winter. Dogs are allowed inside from 9am to 11am but must be kept on a lead at all times.

It serves hot food including full English breakfasts, pizzas, ice-cream, salads, hot drinks and cold beverages.

The café is housed in a new building for the park, beside the lake, which also includes the park’s public toilets.

The one-storey building, made out of white brick to mirror the style of the nearby Southwark Park Gallery.

It was designed by the architects Bell Phillips.

“The organic form is derived from the curved geometry of the park’s historic pathways, the Oval playing fields and the adjacent lake edge,” the firm said of the project.

“This results in a form that extends into the landscape and welcomes users from all directions.”

Michael Burkett says:

This is a welcome addition to Southwark Park. I hope the prices are affordable for the main users of the park, because once the £2 an hour parking charges come into force soon, going to the park will be too expensive for many families.

Trevor says:

Dog friendly cafe, open 9am – 4:30pm, but dogs only allowed 9am to 11am . So not really dog friendly then. And charges to park the car when we get there, so i can walk around the park with my dog, at £2 per hour, that would cost me £28 per week on average. So i will not be using park or cafe anymore. Well done whoever planned and signed this off. I will stick to walking along the river walks and making coffee and sandwiches at home.

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