New park to take Barry Albin-Dyer’s name

News Desk (18 June, 2015)

Proposals have the backing of local councillors and community groups

3384Surrey Docks Stadium which used to host the Fisher FC ground

Fisher FC supporters, local activists and Rotherhithe councillors have backed proposals to name the planned new park at the old Surrey Docks Stadium after the late Barry Albin-Dyer.

Barry, who passed away two weeks ago, was heavily involved with Fisher FC and was a “driving force” in reforming the club after it was wound up five years ago. He was the club’s president and a regular at matches, once even pulling on the boots himself to score in a charity match.

The old stadium site is set to be developed into a 100-apartment complex called Anchor Point, but a community group managed to secure the preservation of the pitch area itself as a community green space. They hope to develop it into a park and are pushing for it to be named after the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe stalwart.

Fisher FC fans, including the club’s ex-communications director Joe Arif, supported the proposal.

He said: “Barry was the driving force behind forming the new club, it just couldn’t have happened without his generous support. It would be a fantastic tribute to him.

“I do hope that the club itself commemorates him in their own official way, too, perhaps by naming a stand at the new ground after him. It’s the least he deserved and would preserve Barry’s place in the club’s history.”

David Hubber, Lib Dem councillor for Surrey Docks ward, said he “absolutely” backed the “excellent gesture” and would push for it to be chosen when the decision is put up for public selection.

He said: “We talked about it before Barry died and it’s even more appropriate now. Everyone knew him at the club, he interacted with everyone. Naming the park after him would be a great way to reflect his work here.”

The proposal has gained cross-party support from both Surrey Docks’ three Lib Dem councillors as well as their Labour colleagues across the ward boundary in Rotherhithe.

After his death, a statement from Fisher FC described Barry as “instrumental” in the club’s reformation.

It said: “Awfully sad news that Barry Albin-Dyer has passed away after an illness. Our thoughts are with his family. Barry was Fisher FC club president, and a long-time supporter of the Fish. He was instrumental in our reformation in 2009. RIP.”


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