New public art at London Bridge celebrates area’s maritime history

Kit Heren (05 May, 2021)

The 250-metre Merchant Line includes notes on historical research along its length

44290The Merchant Line

A 250 metre-long bronze strip from London Bridge station to the river Thames, representing the area’s maritime history, was unveiled last week.

The Merchant Line, which runs through the More London Place area near Tower Bridge, includes notes on historical research along its length, designed to encourage passers-by to think and explore the area.

The information comes from Port of London Authority books and the Southwark History Library and the National Archives in Kew also worked on the project.

Adam Harris, Project Manager and Designer of The Merchant Line said: “Lockdown has brought an ever-increasing wave of curiosity in the places we live and work, and has allowed us extra time to reflect and explore our surroundings.

“The Merchant Line’s arrival… really lets Londoners delve into the area’s local history. When standing on site, the community becomes linked to the numerous locations, nationally and internationally, in an area where traded goods passed through. We hope that this will act as a reference point to educate future generations in years to come.”

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