New art sculptures to be unveiled at Dulwich Park

News Desk (02 April, 2015)

The "knot-like forms" will replace the park's old sculptures, which were stolen in 2011.

New sculptures in Dulwich Park will be unveiled to replace a stolen Barbara Hepworth sculpture.

The sculptures by youngest living Royal Academician, British artist Conrad Shawcross were commissioned by the council as a legacy to the Two Forms Divided Circle Barbara Hepworth sculpture, which was stolen in 2011.

Conrad Shawcross said: “Three Perpetual Chords are a counterpoint to a traditional civic sculpture in that the loops invite approach, play and physical interaction. The sequence of three works has emerged from my ongoing study of light and harmonics, creating a new trail through the park. They deal with the numbers within three musical chords, The Octave, The Fifth and The Fourth. These knot-like forms host a void within them and this is a subtle reference to Hepworth’s work, in which the hole is ubiquitous.”

Shawcross’ sculptures, Three Perpetual Chords, will be officially launched at a public event on Saturday 18 April at Dulwich Park.

by Ira Lorandou


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