New special school opens in Camberwell

Katherine Johnston (02 September, 2020)

It is one of 50 new schools ready to open this term across the country


A new special needs school opened its gates in Camberwell this week, in time for the new school year.

Spa School, in Southampton Way, is the newest addition to the Spa Education Trust, which also runs a school for children with autism or Asperger’s in Bermondsey’s Monnow Road.

The Camberwell site is for children aged five to sixteen with autism. It will initially operate six classes in September, adding more classes over the next five years.

In an update to parents sent out in August, head teacher Steph Lea explained: “We know everyone has had a long time at home since the lockdown.

“Starting school will be a very big change. Change can be hard for children with autism.  We will make a plan with you that works for you child and keeps everyone safe and healthy.”

Along with added safety and infection control measures in place to protect staff and pupils from COVID-19, the school will also ease children into their new environment over the coming weeks, with some building up the amount of time they spend at school in any one day.

It is one of 50 new schools ready to open this term across the country, announced by education secretary Gavin Williamson last week, that create a combined extra 5,705 places.


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