New support for grandparents and other ‘kinship carers’

Katherine Johnston (17 June, 2020)

Help is there for carers with special guardian status

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The charity Grandparents Plus is working with Southwark Council on a package of support for ‘kinship carers’ across the borough.

In addition to a new government grant for vulnerable families, the local authority and charity are giving more funding via their Kingship Response programme for carers with special guardian status.

Many are people raising young relatives in difficult circumstances while managing complex relationships with the birth parents.

The charity’s chief executive, Lucy Peake, said:  “Kinship carers have specific concerns and needs at this time.

“As an already vulnerable and poorly supported group, the coronavirus is putting them and their families under more pressure, from increased health concerns, looking after children at home, increased isolation due to limited digital confidence, and reduced access to local peer support.

“Many of these families are in the vulnerable age range and are scared about what might happen to their children if they get ill.

“They need tailored advice, practical resources and support from people they trust, which is why we are delighted to be able to extend our services to support families in Southwark during the health crisis and its aftermath.”

For support, call 0300 123 7015 or visit


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