Newlands Academy ‘goes beyond what a school should do’ during the lockdown

Katherine Johnston (20 April, 2020)

'I just want to tell the school a big thank you' - mum Nicola

36232Newlands Academy (c) Google Street view

A mum has praised Newlands Academy’s support during the lockdown, saying the Peckham-based school ‘goes beyond what a school should do’. 

She said she wanted to highlight the school’s work to show how much it means to all the parents during a difficult time. 

Newlands is a special educational needs academy in Stuart Road.  Nicola Johnson’s son, Codie, has been a pupil since joining Year 7 in 2016. 

Through this Coronavirus epidemic they have gone beyond what a school should do,” she told the News

“I don’t feel that they get enough recognition for what they really do do with these kids. People are quick to judge these kinds of schools.

“Every day they have called and asked if we are all okay and if I need help or need anything.

“Even though it is now the Easter holidays they still call me every single day plus the other parents.” 

She says the head teacher, Gareth Howells, and his staff are ‘simply the best’ and have been in touch with families every single day throughout the holiday including delivering food parcels to families. 

“I just want to tell the school a big thank you,” she said.


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