News MD scales Kimimanjaro for Evelina – now for a 180-mile bike ride!

News Desk (03 September, 2015)

The Southwark News' fundraising drive for Evelina London Children's Hospital now stands at £92,471.25.

5007Chris at the top of Kilimanjaro earlier this month

News MD Chris Mullany reached the top of Africa on Saturday, securing another £2000 in generous sponsorship – taking our total to £92,471.25.

Chris spent eight days climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, finally reaching the summit of 5895 metres at 7:20am on Saturday morning.

He is due to take part in a 180 mile London to Paris cycle in under 24 hours in the last weekend of this month, so it’s not too late to sponsor him or pledge sponsorship!

He said: “We’re getting ever closer to our £100,000 target, and I’m so grateful to all those who generously sponsored me for the climb and bike ride. Every single penny will go to the Evelina Children’s Hospital. If any readers would like to get involved and help us to hit our target, please get in touch!”

What your money buys:

Two baby ventilators – £52k

These ventilators are crucial for very premature babies. Babies who are born this early are perfectly formed, but their lungs are not developed.

Infant warming system – £15k

This is an open cot that provides heat for babies that are really sick and can’t maintain their own temperature.

One intensive care cot – £19k

Last year, Evelina treated 800 babies, of which 80 per cent were from Southwark and Lambeth. The intensive care cots are in high demand, and are fully occupied day and night 80 to 100 per cent of the time. They need as many as they can get.

Evelina Hospital School – £14k

The Evelina Hospital School provides one-to-one bedside tuition for older children at the hospital, many of whom are battling life-threatening illnesses. Last year they provided 1,500 children  with education, but they are currently only funded for half of the places they need.

Total needed – £100,000


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