Innovative anorexia care at the Maudsley given top accolade after statistics show huge drop in hospital admissions

Staff Reporter (18 July, 2019)

Work of the innovative NHS Trust and its partners praised

30358South London & Mauldsey & King's College FREED group.

A new way of treating anorexia which saw hospital admissions across South London and Maudsley NHS Trust reduced by over a third has been nominated for a top award alongside another innovative project supporting older people and their families with complex metal and physical needs, writes Hillary Chaisson….

The Maudsley Hospital and wider South London and Maudsley NHS Trust are part of an academic health sciences centre that partners with King’s College London, Guy’s and St. Thomas’, and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts.

The Maudsley Hospital team has been nominated for both the “excellence in mental health care award” and the ” care and compassion award” for 2019’s NHS Parliamentary Awards.

The project that represented Maudsley in the “excellence in mental health care” category was Maudsley’s FREED (first episode Rapid Early intervention for Eating Disorders).

FREED specialises in care for young adults ages 16 to 25 who have had an eating disorder for three years or less.

With an emphasis on early intervention, FREED offers services centred around the individual and offers services ranging from early symptom change to family involvement, and attention to social media usage.

According to a self- generated scientific report, 59 percent of FREED patients with anorexia nervosa reached a healthy weight by twelve months – compared to sixteen per cent in similar patients.

The number of hospital admissions for them reduced by a huge 35 per cent.

FREED is a flexible evidence-based treatment approach focused on early intervention; making it much more effective than traditional treatments at reversing the changes to brain, body and behaviour caused by eating disorders.

Another Maudsley team was also nominated – for the “care and compassion award”.

The Greenvale Specialist Care Unit focuses on care for older adults with complex mental and physical health problems.

Its  team of nurses provide support by offering a range of services, from occupation therapy, psychology, speech, and everything in-between.

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and other regional champions went head-to-head with other winners from across the country for the national award in the House of Commons on July 10.

The official winners of the “care and compassion award” was Kate Tantam’s ICU Rehabilitation Team located in Plymouth, and the official winner of the “excellence in mental health care” was Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership in Oxford.


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