Noise order on Peckham’s The Gowlett pub is lifted after successful talks with the council

News Desk (27 May, 2017)

“We have reached a marvellous conclusion with the noise abatement issue. It’s great news, really sensible," manager Johnny Henfrey said

16606The Gowlett pub in Peckham

The manager of The Gowlett has said a noise abatement order placed on his pub has been lifted, after a “very good” meeting with Southwark Council.

The Peckham boozer, which for fourteen years has been known for its emphasis on music, was served the abatement order on April 18 after a complaint from a neighbour.

Last week, pub manager Johnny Henfrey told the News: “We have reached a marvellous conclusion with the noise abatement issue. It’s great news, really sensible.

“[Southwark Council] has foregone the noise abatement order, so there is no need for me to appeal it in court.”

An online campaign had gathered pace under the banner “don’t cut the Gowlett out of Peckham” – as Johnny and his regulars feared that noise restrictions could make the businesses “unsustainable”.

But Johnny added: “The whole campaign has died and I’ve promised to be on my best behaviour.

“I had a very good meeting with the heads of department for licensing and anti-social behaviour. They recognised my fourteen years of exemplary management of the building, and I told them I thought the decision had been heavy handed.

“But I have agreed to double our efforts to maintain order outside the pub. We will be retweeting our noise monitor readings, and myself and another member of my team will take a course in crowd management.

“We want to be responsible and we want to be good neighbours for people living here.

“It’s all worked out amicably. The council were brilliant and really understood my frustrations.”


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